Introduction to TeraBlock

TeraBlock is the simplest way for users to enter the crypto ecosystem. Easily Buy, Exchange, Manage and Earn crypto, all on a single non-custodial platform which means your crypto always stays in your control.


Buy crypto with your bank card in simple steps directly into your decentralized wallet. No registration or account is required!

Decentralized and Non-Custodial

TeraBlock is decentralized, meaning that It doesn’t hold your funds when you buy or trade. You have 100% ownership of your crypto. Unlike centralized exchanges, you always keep custody of your crypto.

Low Fees

We only charge a small fee which means cheaper trades for you! But wait! There's more!
Unlike other exchanges, there are no hidden fees either, so what you see is what you get.


Managing your crypto with TeraBlock is easier than ever before! No need to spend weeks learning how to operate your decentralized wallets or transfer your crypto between different blockchain networks.
Buy, trade, manage and exchange your cryptocurrency on our decentralized platform. You don't need to be a pro to use TeraBlock! You can keep track of your portfolio, buy and trade crypto currency and earn interest on your crypto all without leaving the TeraBlock platform.
Swap your tokens directly using our on-chain swap function. You keep in control of your assets at all times!
  • TeraBlock lets you exchange your tokens using our simple to use swap feature.
  • TeraBlock Swap is an innovative token swapping feature that allows you to directly exchange between different cryptocurrencies.
TeraBlock Bridge is a token routing solution that creates interoperability between different blockchains.
  • The TeraBlock Bridge is an important step toward creating a scalable and secure DeFi ecosystem.
  • It uses multi-chain bridging technology to ensure the secure movement of tokens between multiple blockchains and adds a new layer of functionality to the TeraBlock ecosystem.
  • The Bridge helps in achieving decentralized interoperability between blockchains.


Unlock the value of your crypto assets with TeraBlock Earn!
In our effort to build an open financial system, we’re focused on offering a simplified staking platform for beginners and mainstream investors looking to earn from decentralized, on-chain staking. As we scale up our DeFi ecosystem in 2022, we want to provide our users with simple ways to earn crypto through our simplified rewards mechanism.
TeraBlock Earn is a series of staking pools that will allow users to earn returns simply by staking their idle assets on our non-custodial staking protocol.
TeraBlock Rewards is our unique recompensation program to reward our users for acquiring and staking TBC.
Users stand to earn rewards in addition to the APR accrued from staking their holdings in TeraBlock’s TBC Legacy pools ONE & TWO only. TeraBlock offers multiple rewards to incentivize community members to acquire and retain TBC.
To reward TBC Stakers, TeraBlock will provide discounts as high as 40% on transaction fees across the TeraBlock ecosystems & our product integrations across partner projects.
In addition to the discount on Staking fees, TBC Stakers will also earn rewards in the form of TBC Fee rewards payback. 25% of the total fees collected on the TeraBlock ecosystem will be distributed among TeraBlock Stakers as loyalty rewards.

Is TeraBlock Secure?

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