Welcome to TeraBlock
TeraBlock is a diversified trading ecosystem built to help users retain and optimize their holdings.
TeraBlock is a diversified trading ecosystem built to help users retain and optimize their holdings. The platform hosts an innovative trade automation exchange as well as a suite of secure and flexible DeFi instruments that allow users to invest, hold and exchange assets in a safe and decentralized manner.
Designed to safeguard the privacy and security of our users, our easy-to-access platform facilitates fund aggregation, yield optimization, and protection against cyber-attacks.
Intuitive DeFi Products
Furthering our passionately nurtured vision of keeping up with the ever-evolving crypto market, we are relentlessly developing a simplified and versatile DeFi Ecosystem. Our purpose-built products are aimed at providing a truly secure trading experience to the users.
Our native token “TeraBlock Coin” or TBC has shown remarkable agility even in a volatile market. Listed on all major exchanges, our token allows you to earn dividends from the profits generated on our platform.
The Merits of Compounding in Crypto:
Even though the move to decentralized finance is being seen as a metamorphic development, there is no doubt that the traditional system of finance has given us some undeniable merits such as "Compounding". Compounding allows investors to earn returns from their existing holdings.
As a part of our innovative DeFi ecosystem, we provide our traders with the opportunity to stake our tokens to earn annualized returns. Staking allows you to earn more coins from your existing stock simply by pledging it with our platform, while also providing us with greater liquidity.
Staking is a mutually beneficial way of generating rewards from your crypto assets. Stakers retain complete control over their funds and can withdraw them at any time they so wish. In the true spirit of decentralization, all our DeFi products are trustless and autonomous without a central approving authority.
Cooperative Yield Farming
We have assembled some of the most promising projects to create cooperative farms or “Co-ops” that will help us in creating sustained value for our traders.
Co-ops: Co-ops are combinations of different cryptocurrencies that create combined rewards for traders. By combining different cryptocurrencies, the risk involved with crypto trading is significantly reduced.
Trade Automation
Our trade automation mechanism uses robust smart contracts and tested trading strategies to help our users maximize returns. Trusting an automated portfolio management system has several advantages over manual trading. Driven by machine-learning, an automated portfolio management system executes swift buy and sell orders according to pre-configured algorithms. Our Automated Trading mechanism is powered by a robust prognostic mechanism that harnesses the power of predictive models like linear regression, artificial neural networks and probability. The program is configured to constantly adapt to the dynamics of the crypto market.
Benefits of Trade Automation:
The integration of Machine Learning techniques have further helped us in designing a structured and systematic automated portfolio management tool that offers a range of benefits to the users:
· Automation nullifies the requirement for constant monitoring of the market.
· When trading takes place through an automated algorithm with pre-determined thresholds for purchase and sale, the scope of human error is reduced to bare minimum.
· Charting the progress, growth and fluctuations in the price of assets can be complicated. An autonomous trading mechanism is able to identify manifest patterns, trends and milestones that are otherwise neglected by the human eye.
· An autonomous trading mechanism strictly follows its algorithmic configuration without any deviation from the principal trading strategy.
· It is extremely complicated for an average trader to meet the high-power computational requirement for solving the arduous algorithms in crypto trading. The autonomous and self-driven TeraBlock trading mechanism is powered by highly capable hardware that can process the heavy computation requirements of advanced trading.
Nurturing Our Vision for The Future
Crypto-commerce is at the center of a larger financial rearrangement that would eventually disrupt economic activities across all major sectors. Inspired by the essential characteristics of decentralization; the implicit notion that powers most cryptocurrencies, we wish to pass on the merits of crypto trading to traders across the globe. Having dedicated ourselves to creating inroads for novice traders, we are constantly nurturing our vision of building a high-capacity trading platform that meets the dynamic needs of the crypto industry. TeraBlock allows you to manage your assets in a volatile market, earn from your holdings and maximize your returns while exploring the upcoming NFT space.
After months of groundwork on the design and functionalities of the various features on our platform, we have designed a decentralized ecosystem that is uncomplicated and easy to use. For all who have been contemplating their crypto trade journey, this platform offers a straightforward and fuss-free trading experience.
Keeping pace with the rapidly developing industry, and the aspirations of traders and enthusiasts alike, we strive to create an accessible, unrestricted and non-exclusive ecosystem that helps users meet their financial goals through a secure trading protocol.

Current Scenario

Money as we know it is changing The world is getting decentralized and crypto-currency is at the forefront of the revolution, and there are more people looking to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem than ever before.
Market Gap There are no simple-to-use solutions for people looking to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem and easily manage their portfolios.

Our Solution

The playing field has never been level, and novice traders looking to get their hands on crypto investments are met with roadblocks at every step of the way. The high barriers in cryptocurrency investing have kept many willing traders at bay and prevented them from getting into one of the most liquid markets in the world.
Our simple solution for novice traders looking to enter the cryptocurrency space, however, is changing all that and leveling the playing field between novice, veteran, and institutional traders.
The integration of machine learning in portfolio management allows novice traders, who have no prior experience in the markets, to buy into the crypto space, diversify and manage their portfolios. Complications in trading that have previously kept inexperienced potential investors from the market are eliminated through our powerful automation and machine learning.
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