Strategic Partner - Sheesha Finance The partnership will leverage Sheesha's unique DeFi staking model and TeraBlock's machine learning technology to simplify the way people enter the crypto ecosystem and increase and promote the use of DeFi services instead of traditional finance. The partnership with Sheesha will make it easier for users to enter the crypto ecosystem by leveraging both the Terablocks machine learning technology and Sheesha’s unique DeFi staking model. The partnership is also aimed at increasing the usage of DeFi services, paving the way for people to move away from traditional finance and adapt cryptocurrency in their day-to-day use.
Unifarm A DeFi protocol that is offering a novel farming approach that allows a group of projects to collectively join and build a combined token reward pool. The core principle of this partnership is to allow a group of projects, including the TeraBlock coin project, to collectively join and build a combined token reward pool. To get rewarded, users of any of these projects must stake using one of the projects in the combined token reward. Once a stake is placed, users, including TeraBlock coin investors, get rewarded in all of the tokens within a given pool.
Hacken The team at Hacken are innovators and experts when it comes to smart contract security. They bring extensive experience and expertise in the field of security which will help TeraBlock with an in-depth review of our Smart contract in the areas of code security, functionality and logic.
Business Growth Accelerator - Blockchain Founders Fund Blockchain Founders Fund incubates TeraBlock onto their Scalex Venture Builder Program. They are a strategic partner to our business - ScaleX is the premium accelerator-like program for technology startups and the top program for early-stage blockchain startups.