Bridge FAQs

How to use the TeraBlock Bridge?

TeraBlock Bridge is the simplest way to bridge tokens between Blockchains. There are three steps to using the Bridge.
Step 1: Connect your wallet containing the tokens you wish to bridge.
Step 2: Select the host chain (From) and targeted chain (To) networks from the list of networks. Enter the number of tokens.
Step 3: Click on Deposit tokens, and the bridging process will start. Once completed, click on Release tokens to credit the tickets on the targeted chain.

Are you having trouble using the bridge?

Ensure you have enough native blockchain tokens balance in your wallet to pay the fees on both the host chain (From) and targeted chain (To). The following are the native tokens with their corresponding chain.
ETH for Ethereum chain
BNB for Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Matic for Polygon Chain
If you are still facing issues, then please get in touch with support at [email protected]

How long does a transfer on the Bridge take?

The time required to move tokens from one blockchain network to another depends on the overall speed of the networks. When the networks are congested, it may take up to 12hrs for the transaction to go through.
How does the TeraBlock Bridge work?
TeraBlock Cross-chain bridge is a robust decentralized bridging platform to bridge your assets between blockchains focusing on security. The Bridge has a dual setup approach a. Mint and burn Under mint and burn, the tokens on the host Blockchain are burnt, and an equal amount of tokens are minted (created) on the targeted blockchain. b. Lock and unlock Under lock and unlock, the tokens on the host Blockchain are locked, and an equal amount of tokens are unlocked (released) on the targeted blockchain from the liquidity pool.

Which wallets are compatible with the Bridge?

Any Web3 wallet can be connected to the bridge for token bridging. MetaMask, Binance Wallet, and Trust Wallet are some examples of Web3 wallets.
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How to use the TeraBlock Bridge?