TeraBlock Earn

TeraBlock Earn offers the easiest way for users to earn crypto through a simplified approach to Defi's complicated farming, lending & borrowing, and staking protocols.
DeFi has paved the way for users to earn through various protocols given that you understand how to navigate through the complex structures of the traditional DeFi landscape. Investing and earning through DeFi is complicated, there are multi-step processes that require users to hop between different dApps for different financial services.
TeraBlock Earn brings earning through DeFi to the masses by creating a simple-to-use interface and bringing different protocols under one unified platform. TeraBlock Earn is a great way to earn rewards by putting your idle crypto to use. It is built with the aim to simplify earning opportunities for users. People who are new to DeFi can think of these earning protocols as a way to invest their digital assets in a savings account. Whether you have stable coins or cryptocurrencies, these savings protocols make use of idle crypto in a similar way to traditional banks.
Banks utilize the excess liquidity (deposits) they have to lend out money to borrowers and charge interest on it. Borrowers repay the borrowed amount along with interest. Similarly in DeFi, there are different Money markets, Liquidity farms, Decentralized exchanges (Automated Market Makers), and Staking protocols where users can earn rewards for adding liquidity to these protocols. TeraBlock Earn feature has integrated these protocols on the TeraBlock dApp and makes the whole process of interacting with these protocols seamless.
TeraBlock Earn will allow users to earn a passive income simply by staking their tokens on our trustless and non-custodial staking platform.
Through TeraBlock Earn we're building a hub for the finest projects in the Crypto Space to launch staking pools on the TeraBlock Earn Platform. Projects get the flexibility to create staking pools of their liking with the staking terms that they want and which are in the best of interest to their communities.
We plan to bring together the most promising projects in the crypto ecosystem to create secure reward pools on TeraBlock Earn. This will help create further value and utility for the TBC token along with countless benefits to the projects creating the staking pools. Users will get to earn rewards from various projects in a secure and simplified manner creating valuable and sustainable growth for the TeraBlock Ecosystem.
TeraBlock’s innovative farming protocol strives to create decentralized staking pools, including standalone farms, dual asset farms, multiple-asset farms, and the innovative TeraBlock Co-ops. Taking a unique approach to farming, we have combined some of the most sought-after features in farming and added flexibility for users and projects to create the most user-friendly, innovative, and rewarding farming pools.
TeraBlock farms can be classified into four different categories.

Native Asset Pool

Staking pool for the company with their native token. Native asset farms are an ideal product
Users get to stake in independent asset pools established by some of the most promising projects in the crypto space.
The native asset farms are single-token staking pools created by our partner projects. Users can stake their holdings to earn assured returns. This simple staking model is the easiest way to earn rewards from your existing crypto holdings. Users can earn periodic rewards simply by putting their holdings to work on the Native asset farming pools.
All staking takes place through a permission-less consensus mechanism. The mechanism ensures that all staking transactions are completely secured without the requirement of verification by a centralized authority.

Dual Asset Pool

Staking pool for two companies
Users can pledge their assets in a collaborative dual-asset staking pool created by two projects.
A dual asset farm is a secure and decentralized staking pool involving two different projects. Users can choose to stake any one asset from the dual-asset staking pool and earn assured returns in the form of both assets in the pool. This means that the user has to deposit only one asset in the dual-asset pool but gets rewards in both the deposit asset and the alternate currency. Once users pledge their assets in a dual-asset pool, they start earning yield as per the APY for the deposit period.
TeraBlock’s Dual Asset Pools are a great way to earn passive income regardless of how the assets perform individually. Establishing a dual-asset pool offsets price volatility encountered by one of the assets. It helps users in earning an assured enhanced yield.

Native Asset with TBC Pool

Staking pool for the company with their native token and TBC token
These are staking pools for the company with their native and TBC tokens. A native asset with the TBC farming pool is TeraBlock’s high-yield staking pool combined with a partner project where users get to stake their TBC and earn enhanced yields from TeraBlock and partner projects.
Participating in TeraBlock’s native asset farm is the easiest way to earn rewards from your existing TBC holdings. It's ideal for long-term holders to earn more TBC from their existing TBC holdings.
Staking in TeraBlock’s Native asset, TBC farm will provide the project with increased liquidity, thereby contributing to the overall strength and stability of the project.

Multi-asset Pools

Staking pool for a group of projects together
To diversify and provide enhanced value to its users, TeraBlock has created multi-asset farming pools.
The multi-asset farming pool combines many different projects into a single farming pool and rewards liquidity providers with multiple tokens from the pool. Users can stake any tokens from the farming pool and get rewarded in all of the tokens that constitute the farming pool.
Powered by secure smart contracts, the multi-asset staking pools use the proof of stake consensus mechanism. Users lock their crypto assets in wallets and earn returns in the form of multiple cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Integration

TeraBlock aims to build an enhanced Farming platform for users and communities from all major blockchains to benefit from. The TeraBlock Farms are created with security, scalability, and diversification in mind. For this reason, we're building a Farming protocol to support multiple chains. In the first phase, the TeraBlock Farms will support Assets from BSC, ETH & Polygon. In phase 2 we aim to integrate SOL, AVAX, FTM & Tezos. In the future, we aim to integrate DOT, HECO, and CRO as part of our expansion strategy.

Creating Sustained Value for Projects & Users

TeraBlock's adaptable multi-asset farming module integrates many crypto projects to provide users and projects with greater long-term value. The global cryptocurrency sector is still in its infancy. TeraBlock's multi-asset farms provide users with a consistent and improved APY.