Staking FAQs

What is a Staking Pool?

A Staking pool is a pool of TBC tokens. Each pool consists of a different amount of TBC tokens and has a different reward mechanism. TeraBlock native staking currently offers three staking pools. Users get an option to stake their tokens in a pool for six (6), nine (9) or twelve (12) months.

Can I unstake my TBC tokens before the pool period ends?

Yes, users can unstake their TBC tokens anytime they wish during the staking period. However, unstaking TBC tokens before the pool period ends will result in users being unable to claim staking rewards.

When do I see my staking rewards?

Users can start seeing their staking rewards as soon as they stake their TBC tokens. However, staking rewards can take up to 24 hours to get updated at times of network congestion. Don't hesitate to contact support if your staking rewards have not been updated in 24 hours.

Where does the Staking rewards come from?

Part of the fees collected from using the TeraBlock DeFi protocols is allocated towards TBC staking rewards. The remaining rewards pool is filled by adding TBC tokens from the TeraBlock Token reserve.

Is it possible to switch between pools without going through the withdrawal process?

Currently, we do not support the functionality to switch between staking pools during active staking. Users will have to unstake their TBC tokens first in order to switch between pools. Unstaking before the pool period ends will result in rewards going back to zero. Users' rewards will start again from scratch after users stake their TBC in one of the given pools.
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