TeraBlock Swap

Introducing Crypto to Crypto Trading facilitated by the Swap Integration on the TeraBlock platform
We're developing a cost-effective and thoroughly decentralized token swap function designed to facilitate effortless token swapping for more viable DeFi transactions.
With the swap function integrated onto our platform, the users can exchange tokens directly without having to leave the platform or using a third-party exchange, by simply connecting their wallets.

Here’s what our Token Swap Integration is all about

The swap integration will allow users to securely manage and swap their tokens while providing them with complete ownership over their assets at all times, offering a convenient solution for token exchange.
A Convenient DeFi Ecosystem for Beginners
New to DeFi? The TeraBlock ecosystem has been built with a special focus on simplicity and security. With all our products and designs, we aim at creating a simplified user journey that allows novice investors to partake in the global DeFi revolution effortlessly.

Decentralized and Non-Custodial

TeraBlock’s token swap is completely decentralized. This means that the swap is conducted between two entities without a third party's involvement, removing any centralized intermediaries (like in regulated exchanges) and giving complete control in the hands of token owners.
Powered by a robust smart contract
Token swaps use smart contracts to ensure autonomous token exchange limiting and even altogether removing the scope for any financial misdoing.
Exchange Crypto for Crypto
The token swap integration on TeraBlock’s platform is a step forward in the direction of enabling direct crypto to crypto transactions, eliminating the need for using fiat currency. The users can swap one token for another one without intermediate fiat conversions.
The Role of “Smart Contract” in the token swapping process
To process a token swap, the seller and buyer must mutually agree on a contract with pre-defined terms and conditions governing the transaction. If both sides honour the terms of the contract as required, the transaction gets completed successfully. If not, the transaction is negated.

Advantages for Users

Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free Token Exchange

Repeated payment of transaction fees is one of the central drawbacks of exchanging tokens by routing them through exchanges. Routing tokens through additional steps will increase the overall cost of the transaction making your trades less viable. TeraBlock’s token swapping integration solves the problem of double fees payment caused by the two-step trading process.

A simplified way to swap tokens

TeraBlock’s token swap integration makes it extremely easy to go about your token swapping transaction. You simply have to log in to our platform, select the token swap option and enter the amount you’re willing to exchange with the desired tokens. That's all! Let the smart contract take care of the rest!