TeraBlock Wallet Management

The simplest way to manage all your Web3 assets from one unified dApp.
TeraBlock Wallet Management is the ultimate DeFi management tool, allowing users to manage their entire Web3 portfolio from a single unified platform. Buy, Manage, Earn and Trade crypto on the simplest yet extremely powerful non-custodial DeFi platform.
TeraBlock Wallet Management makes it easy for users and newbies to track their entire Web3 portfolio while simultaneously benefiting from the most sought after DeFi protocols, making it easy to buy, earn and manage their digital assets spread across multiple blockchains on the non-custodial, truly decentralized TeraBlock dApp.
With the aim to simplify the onboarding of the next wave of users onto web3, the TeraBlock application is built keeping in mind the complexities of the currently available DeFi platforms. The simplified wallet management allows users to link multiple wallets and multiple blockchains to the TeraBlock dApp, while never giving up control of their private keys or assets. Our high focus on security means users can transparently and efficiently interact with the most sought after protocols directly on the blockchain while keeping control of their assets.
Using Wallet Management on the TeraBlock dApp, users can: Get an overview of their wallet, current portfolio, detail of assets, and their value. View detailed history of all the transactions on the wallet. Get live price charts and information on thousands of cryptocurrencies. See detailed wallet performance based on transactions history. Get access to analytics-based trending and failing assets to build a market winning portfolio. Build and test the performance of customized token sets. Choose from the highest paying DeFi Staking pool and invest in high yield farms to maximize returns. View the Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) that they hold in their wallets. Swap their digital assets with stablecoins or other cryptocurrencies to actively rebalance and manage their portfolio. Earn interest on their crypto by staking or lending their digital assets via different staking and lending protocols.
TeraBlock wallet management aims to be the gateway for newbies and experienced users to take full benefit of web3 technologies and DeFi protocols. The simplified platform along with the most user-friendly UI/UX aims to make Web3 accessible to everyone and make opportunities in the crypto-ecosystem available to everyone.