Finance 2.0

The timeline of Crypto-Trading is chronicled with many crucial developments. After a spell of cynicism from governments and financial institutions around the world, crypto assets have assumed newfound legitimacy as valid, warrantable, and sensible stores of value. The decentralized and incorruptible nature of these tokens has allowed mainstream investors to recognize them as worthy speculative assets. Likewise, the advent of decentralization has also stirred up a wave in the realm of finance. Defi has facilitated a marked departure from the traditional “centrally-controlled” financial instruments towards a more equitable and open financial ecosystem. Paving the bedstone for what many are calling Finance 2.0, Defi can be used to power the engines of economic growth around the world.
Furthering our passionately nurtured vision of keeping up with this dynamic industry, we propose a novel decentralized ecosystem consisting of a suite of products that facilitate swift transactions through our native token bridge, TeraBlock Staking Protocol, TeraBlock Yield Farming, Liquidity Mining, and the DeFi Trade Automation Protocol.