Future of Finance

Towards a Transparent and Resilient Future of Finance
Decentralized finance or DeFi is the name given to the latest financial movement pumping lifeblood into crypto commerce.
Decentralized finance seeks to reconstruct and transform traditional financial instruments in a decentralized and transparent architectural framework, free from the control of governments, third parties and centralized financial institutions.
The key objective that drives DeFi is to recreate old banking mechanisms in a new permissionless way. From providing new global currencies to helping users earn interest to even providing mechanisms to help underwrite debts to gain returns on their investments, DeFi apps are shaping the new financial order. The technology that initially appealed only to those with a certain “Libertarian streak” has now been globally recognized as a censorship-resistant and inflation-proof way to carry out financial transactions across borders. In the wake of this global movement, TeraBlock has embarked upon its vision to develop a radically simplified Crypto ecosystem that allows users to partake in the DeFi revolution and reap the benefits of this latest wave of change.
After a phase of resistance and non-acceptance from governments and financial institutions worldwide, crypto assets have now gained legitimacy as valid, warrantable, and even more pragmatic stores of value. These tokens, decentralized and incorruptible, has allowed mainstream investors to recognize them as worthy speculative assets. Decentralization is the inherent technology that powers most crypto assets. Decentralization is also responsible for changing the landscape of traditional finance.
Defi has facilitated a marked departure from the traditional “centrally-controlled” financial instruments towards a more equitable and open financial ecosystem. Paving the bedstone for what many are calling Finance 2.0, Defi can be used to power the engines of economic growth around the world.
Furthering our passionately nurtured vision of keeping up with this dynamic industry, we propose a novel decentralized ecosystem consisting of a suite of products that facilitate swift transactions and asset bridging, yield optimization through staking and farming protocols and Trade Automation.